By Kristy Crowell

Our Walk

“Our Walk” On what some people consider an unlucky day, Friday the 13th, turned out to be another solidification that my hero now turned service dog would be willing to die with me. My wish is that no one experiences what Taz and I had to endure in the middle of the black night in June 2014 – a tornado touchdown with winds estimated at 80 mph all the while no warning as I reside in a mobile home, perfect forecast s...

Latest Comments

Our Walk:

Wonderful story!

Our Walk:

What a wonderful story about this hero dog! I salute you, Taz!

Our Walk:

Awesome pup!!

The Bravest Dog of WWI:

good job stubby

Bino Makes Rank:


Kane - Police K-9:

I would like to have an experience with police dogs in order to make a comic book.

Dog "Koda" Saves Missing Boy:

How is Koda doing with his family?

Paws of Freedom and Prison Inmates: Making a Difference Together:

That program is one terrific program to be able to train all those dogs to protect our country!!!

Homesick G.I.s Seek Man's Best Friend:

That is one amazing dog!

Bino Makes Rank:

Bino is doing great at that age!!! he must really love his job!

Hero Dog Sage 2011:

It must be amazing for her to be able to help all of these people, she is truly a terrific dog to be around! Keep it up!!!!

My Andy:

I know how it is to loose a special friend, or pet. my cat, Mia, only 5 months old was killed by the fan in a car hood. and i will always remember the loalty she had to me. Andy rest in peace


Kobuc was a huge light to the soldiers in the squad! it is a mystery of what would have happened without him there at that time


this dog seems like he could have been the best family dog ever, and he even was a family to those soldiers

Untrained Search and Rescue Dog Saves Many :

An amazing dog who saved so many.

Smokey the Yorkshire Terrier:

Smok(e)y was female. An awesome little dog!

Soldier Dog Killed by Grenade to Save Others:

Thank you for your great love!

The Bravest Dog of WWI:

good job stubby

Civil War Dog Lives On Through Monument:

This is a great story- I wonder if anyone has traced her descendents? I bet there are many alive today!

Hero Dog Sage 2011:

Well done Sage !
By Petya Kiskinova

A Shepherd Leaves a Mark

With these heartwarming words starts a favorite movie of mine and an all time Disney Classic, called "Lady and the Tramp". 

By Apisara Makphet


She was a smart,loving,royal,kind and a very good dog.She had lived with my family for a very long time.We watched her grew old. 

By Linda Smith

Extrraordinary Connections

At the young age of six, however, Tucson pased on. His presence had helped many of us become better people. But when he died of a fast growing heart tumor, I felt like part of my heart was gone. I was so lost without him, but the healing did began the day the pastor of our church called to say, 

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